What Is HP Instant Ink?

As part of its HP Instant Ink program, HP offers its customers a subscription service that lets them use their printer usage data and print habits to choose how often they wish to receive ink refills for their HP printers.


The best part? All for one low monthly cost, which is usually cheaper and more convenient than buying new cartridges at the store every time you run out.

Available on select HP Wi-Fi printers, HP Instant Ink offers another way to pay for ink and prints at home. You can find compatible models by going to our printer reviews and selecting “More filters” and then the “HP Instant Ink” filter. With an Instant Ink subscription, you don’t pay for ink or supplies anymore.

An alternative is to pay a monthly subscription for a certain amount of pages you want to print on your home printer. You can print whatever you want (text, images or photos) up to the agreed monthly page limit. HP will automatically ship ink cartridges (shipping costs are included in your subscription) when you need to refill them. Unless you exceed your page quota, you only pay the monthly ink fee.

However, you still need to buy printer paper. Getting started with the Instant Ink service requires that you have a HP printer that supports Instant Ink. You can register directly on the HP website or purchase a membership card, available from retailers such as Currys.co.uk. Register the code on the online registration card to start the Instant Ink service.

Every little dot of ink on a page counts as a printed page towards the amount you get paid every month. So if you accidentally start a big print job and go over your monthly limit, you could end up with a big bill.